Sun on your roof means money in your pocket!

Homeowner alert: New legislation reduces the cost of solar ownership

EcoSmart is letting homeowners know that with the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, solar ownership combined with 30% (Income Tax Credit) and utility incentives now offers an ROI of 10 years or less for south facing roofs.


EcoSmart Home Services is the only company in Connecticut that thinks holistically about your home’s energy use. We can help you enjoy a more comfortable, energy-efficient home and produce the electricity you need.

Stop Paying for Wasted Energy

Get started by improving your home’s energy efficiency. We’ll conduct a home energy audit to find out how energy is being wasted and make immediate improvements, including installing LED light bulbs, adding weather stripping on doors and windows, and sealing air ducts.

Make Improvements That Pay Off

We’ll recommend other improvements if they’ll pay off for you. These may include enhancing attic, wall, or basement insulation or replacing an inefficient furnace, central air conditioner, water heater, or kitchen appliance.

Go Solar+!

If solar power is right for you, we’ll design and install a system that meets your unique needs and is warrantied for 25 years. We can repair or replace your roof first, incorporate battery storage, or add a generator that automatically delivers the electricity you need during power outages.

Save BIG with Incentives and Financing

Worried about the cost of your home energy improvements? Don’t be! We only recommend improvements that will pay for themselves. We’ll help you take advantage of $0-down fixed-rate financing starting at 1.99%, the 30% federal tax credit, and utility incentives!

Recent Solar Installation

Why choose us

You may be focused on saving money. Or reducing your carbon footprint. Either way, our whole-house approach to energy efficiency can help you tame your energy bills, enjoy a more comfortable home, and do some good for the planet!



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Amanda F.

Everyone else on the team was equally helpful. The process started with a free energy audit to help us reduce our energy use. That was followed by the design for our solar system. (It’s perfect— making the right amount of electricity for us.) The team brought us...Read More »


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