Amanda Fowski, Newtown CT

Amanda's TestimonialBecause I was born and raised immersed in nature, I am deeply concerned about climate change, so I was happy when we bought a home with a roof that could accommodate solar. I knew that adding an array would be good for the environment and save us a lot of money, so going solar was an easy decision. But I anticipated that finding the right company to trust would be a lot harder.

I admit that I’m a perfectionist. I perform due diligence, dig into details, and ask LOTS of questions before choosing anyone to work on our home. The first few reps I met were definite “nos.” They were sales guys who made their pitch, couldn’t answer many questions, and didn’t bother to follow up with pertinent details. Then came EcoSmart’s rep. He was informative, honest, and factual. He didn’t pressure me; he talked with me and answered my questions thoroughly. For example, when I asked whether their installation could stand up to a hurricane, he explained what they do to ensure their arrays withstand high winds and torrential rains. I knew this was the company for us!

Everyone else on the team was equally helpful. The process started with a free energy audit to help us reduce our energy use. That was followed by the design for our solar system. (It’s perfect— making the right amount of electricity for us.) The team brought us through the financing and permitting process, taking care of all the minute details. Last but not least, the installation crew was professional and courteous. The owner, Steve, kept a watchful eye on the entire process to make sure it met his high standards. EcoSmart exceeded my expectations and somehow met my tight timeline, saving us significant money!

This summer has really proven the value of our purchase. Our friends and neighbors are paying outrageous electricity bills, but we aren’t. I am so incredibly thrilled we went solar when we did! By the way, I intentionally mentioned purchase. I’m a full-time REALTOR® and I know that homeowners who lease solar are saddled with an encumbrance that scares off potential buyers. We don’t have that problem. We paid $0 down and have monthly payments that will never escalate (which, by the way, are lower than our electric bill payments would be on average), and once we pay off our manageable solar loan, the system and all its production will literally be money in our pockets! It’s been a real winning proposition for us and I gladly tell my friends and clients to call EcoSmart.

Tom, Portland CT

Tom's TestimonialI remember when my parents had solar installed on their home over a decade ago. My dad’s an engineer and he knew how much money he’d save by financing his rooftop solar system and then getting free electricity from the panels for years after he paid off the loan. So after my wife and I bought our home, I did some of my own research about buying vs. leasing solar…and we decided it was time for us to invest in a solar array of our own. I knew we’d save a lot more money by buying ours while all of today’s rebates and tax incentives are in place. Equally important, we’d do something good for the environment.

I looked for a Connecticut-based company, saw the great reviews for EcoSmart, and gave them a call. I’m glad I did. I was really impressed by their holistic approach. We started with an energy audit that showed us how we can reduce our energy use to save money. During the audit they also installed LED lightbulbs and made other energy-saving fixes for free. Then we met with one of their solar consultants, Ryan. I can’t say enough about how informative he was. He walked us through the process for determining the right number of solar panels for our upcoming needs and recommended a few different panels he knew would save us the most money. He let us make the choice. Everyone else on their team was helpful, too, and made the whole process easy.

Seeing the energy usage graph on our Eversource bill drop to zero made us smile, and that was months before we heard about this summer’s high electricity bills! We’re still working with EcoSmart to beef up our house’s insulation (we’ll recoup that cost real fast). Then we’re replacing the ancient oil-burning boiler in our basement with an electric air-source heat pump powered by our own solar panels. Our old house has never been so good for the environment!

Eric, Coventry CT

My solar panels have been up and running and I can’t tell you how happy I am to not have an Eversource electric bill with what I am hearing and seeing on the news with the increases. If you have not inquired to get solar now is the time! This company is fantastic to work with and would highly recommend them!

Tony, Portland CT

My first two full months with solar power is paying off. My Eversource bills for May and June have been $9.62, which is the fee you have to pay Eversource every month for the hook up. Awesome!

T. Jones

We recently recognized a deficiency in our attic insulation, and while researching insulation contractors who service our area, we were fortunate to find your company. We signed up for the energy audit as required and had no real expectation of what the visit or results might be. Your team showed up on time, with their IDs visible, and greeted me individually with a nice handshake when they entered my house.

We began the visit with an informative overview of the project and ended several hours later. Each step of what they were doing was explained before and during the process, and any remaining questions I had were answered promptly. The team was very professional throughout their time here, took care to wear protective boots while in the house, worked well together and each member was attentive to their individual roles throughout the process. I was able to learn various tidbits throughout the audit to make my home more energy efficient. I was quite impressed with the overall improvement of the “air load”, which was determined by the air blower door test.

During today’s energy audit, we received improvements such as caulking around the windows to reduce air drafts, door sweeps and jamb strips, numerous light bulbs of all different sizes, faucet aerators and several new shower head fixtures. In addition, I was given the opportunity to purchase additional light bulbs beyond the limit of the initial audit scope at a great price! Kevin also provided me with extensive information about our current attic insulation issues and responded to many of my questions and concerns about the insulation job we initially were looking to rectify.

An added obstacle to today’s work was having a sick young child at home during the process. Your guys were very considerate and responsive to several “What’s that?” and “Where did that man go?” questions. I really appreciated Ryan in particular, doing such a great job in responding to my son’s inquiries and just engaging him from time to time during the audit. A quality not always present with other contractors when they are at your house!

I still have the original task of attic insulation ahead of me, (Kevin is sending us an estimate later tonight) but the energy audit process was very helpful and extremely informative as I move forward with my goal of making my house more energy efficient. I was interested in learning of all of the various incentives and financial opportunities that my wife and I can seek as we look into these other areas. I also appreciated the wrap-up at the end of the visit by Ryan to summarize the visit and where we could go from here.

All in all, a great experience with your company and especially your audit team – Ryan, Kevin, and Eric!! Please take a minute to let those guys know they did a great job representing you and EcoSmart!

Taka, Milford CT

I was approached by a bigger solar company (they were door to door) at first when I first started considering solar. I liked the idea of solar, but the company’s reviews online seemed hit or miss. I found EcoSmart after some searching. Although they didn’t have a lot of reviews, all their reviews appeared stellar – so I took a chance. Another reason I went with them is that they are a small company that primarily services CT, so I knew that they would be able give me more attention throughout the whole process versus a bigger company. I am SO glad I went with EcoSmart. I knew I was going with them when a sales consultant (Zac) came over and went over the whole process. He was very transparent and very honest. He was very upfront with the entire process. He understood all my concerns with going with a bigger solar company too. What I liked was that he didn’t try to pressure me into anything and he just showed me the facts (maybe because I was already interested in solar anyway). They are very friendly, and very easy to work with. Any questions I had during the permit process and installation process they were available to help. Wanda was delightful to work with as she was always able to answer all my questions during installation and financing period, as well as always kept me up to date. From what I concluded, solar panel prices are all generally similar no matter where you go, so it comes down to the customer service, and EcoSmart has GREAT service. EcoSmart gave me a lot of confidence in my decision in choosing them. Highly recommend!

F. Grace

They answered every question I had (and I had a lot) from being an environmental studies major. Speaking with multiple solar companies what EcoSmart offers was heads above the rest. Best pricing options to meet my budget needs and truly cared about me as a homeowner, not just a number of a sale. They are a small company that cares about their reputation and their customer’s satisfaction.

Ray, Bristol CT

I did lots of online searching and reading of reviews since this will be my electrical savings (and going green to help our planet) for 25 plus years. I am very happy I picked EcoSmart. The install was completed and went live in January 2018. I have not had an electric bill since. They stripped my old roof and installed a new one. They installed the 27 LG Neon2 solar panels, a new breaker box, Enphase consumption meters, two outside ground rods’, grounded my copper water pipes and insulated my basement rim joists. The wiring from 27 panels/3 arrays was run in the walls/attic out of sight instead of seeing PVC pipes on the roof. Steve, Becky and their co-workers were very pleasant to work with and always communicated and looked out for my best interest throughout the project. I plan on having them give me a quote for my attic insulation next.

James, Mansfield CT

EcoSmart’s owner and staff are incredibly friendly, fair-minded and conscientious. For starters, the EcoSmart team expertly guided me through all the paperwork and various bureaucracies. We even took advantage of a 10-year 0.99% Smart-E Loan offered by Connecticut Green Bank to help finance.

The next positive was that the team did all the work agreed upon in an incredibly professional manner. The team was at all times friendly, timely and mindful of our home. What impressed me most was their follow up and stewardship. Our home sits on a heavily wooded lot and it seemed as though shading might be inhibiting production a bit more than originally expected. Regardless of the cause, the EcoSmart team had apparently been closely monitoring and contacted me to alert me that they were developing a plan to boost production. Shortly thereafter they came out and made numerous adjustments.

This is clearly a business that knows what it is doing and values its patrons. EcoSmart’s commitment to its customers makes it an all too rare gem in today’s market place(I should add that they did a nice job on my home audit; a nice perk that came free with the solar install).

Aaron, South Windsor CT

Best solar panel installer in CT!! I am so happy I chose EcoSmart out of East Berlin, CT (R Pelton Builders). The owner Steve, installers, sales team and office support are the best in the business. They answered every question and had the most competitive pricing. I spoke to 11 CT Solar Installers before choosing EcoSmart and I am so happy that I did! Using EcoSmart will be the best house decision that you have ever made. I would highly recommend them to everyone! They also did an energy audit prior to the solar installation and did an excellent job analyzing everything possible and giving me a highly detailed energy audit.