Would you like a more comfortable, energy efficient home and lower monthly bills? You’ve come to the right place. EcoSmart Home Services can help you determine which improvements to make, find financing, and take advantage of rebates from the Connecticut Energy Efficiency Fund that you’ve been paying into for years. We recommend upgrades that are paid for by your energy savings, rebates, and tax credits!

Founded and operating solely in Connecticut, we’re committed to providing you informative consulting, quality work, and caring service. Our goal is to help you save energy and money. Helping the environment is a great benefit of the work we do. We can help because we know that:

Home heating and cooling are your biggest energy eaters

Our first steps to saving you money focuses on minimizing energy waste. We start with a home energy audit to find energy-wasters and start you on the road to energy savings. We:

  • Find where heated or cooled air is leaving your home and then fix air leaks and recommend any needed insulation improvements.
  • Examine the efficiency, safety, and health impacts of your heating, ventilation, and cooling (HVAC) system, seal duct work, and advise you on energy saving upgrades.

Lights, water heaters, furnaces, and appliances can waste a lot of energy

Our home energy review also examines what’s wasting electricity. We:

  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with LEDs
  • Install faucet aerators and new showerheads to reduce the amount of hot water you waste
  • Identify appliance upgrades you can make to achieve greater energy savings

Rooftop solar is cheaper than utility electricity

Solar panels have come a long way in the past decade. Their clean, renewable electricity is now less expensive than the electricity delivered to you by utility companies. But is rooftop solar right for you? To find out:

  • We evaluate your roof’s solar power potential by evaluating how much sunlight your roof receives based on its size, compass direction, pitch, shade, and other factors.
  • We conduct a cost-benefit analysis to ensure we recommend a rooftop solar system only when it makes sense for you.
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According to Google’s Project Sunroof:

Installing solar power systems on all appropriate roofs in Connecticut would save 5.4 million metric tons of CO2 each year. That’s like taking 1.1 million gasoline-burning cars off the road or planting 138 million trees and letting them grow for 10 years!


EcoSmart Home Services provides all of its services — including performing home energy audits and installing rooftop solar with battery storage — in every city, town, village, and hamlet in Connecticut.