Who am I and what made me think about going solar?

May 12, 2023Amanda's Corner0 comments

Amanda's Testimonial
Hey there! I’m Amanda….just a real person looking to share some of what I’ve learned so far on this crazy trip we call, Life. I’ve spent the bulk of my adulthood as a Real Estate Agent, Voice Over Talent, as well as Wife, Home Chef with a focus on clean Keto, and Mom to fur babies. Oh and I’m a competitive Barbershop Quartet singer!

I am also the proud owner of a whole house solar system array! I thought this would be an ideal place to share with you much of what I’ve learned over the last 5 or so years about solar…..during which I researched, interviewed, dug deep, asked questions, researched some more, and finally took the leap and went solar!

So, to start….what made me think about going solar? It wasn’t like I had money burning a hole in my pocket and needed somewhere to spend it. Au Contraire! I am the type of person who loves to save money, the more significant the savings, the better. I am also very passionate about mother Earth and our impact on this beautiful planet. I do what I can, best I can , given a busy life and a fondness for modern amenities (Hello electricity and hot showers!).

I had started to hear and see more and more about solar, and thought it was probably too good to be true. What’s the catch? But I was intrigued at the thought of harnessing the sun for power, and not paying big money-making electric companies for something I could get for free! So I started digging online, researching, and interviewing solar companies. That literally just scratched the surface….so much information, much of it conflicting!

Lease, own, go bigger, go smaller, get this panel, get that panel, you have plenty of sun, you don’t have quite enough sun, it’ll cost you nothing, it’ll only cost you x cents per kwH…..my head was spinning….the sales pitches were gross, I didn’t feel like I was getting honest, real answers, and the overall figure all-in was terrifying! Once I came up for air and started to regroup, peeling back the layers, I met a Rep from Ecosmart and everything changed.

All of a sudden I felt educated, informed, understood, given easy-to-grasp explanations why leasing was such a bad idea and how Federal and State rebates coupled with a solar loan payment, would be less than my average monthly electric bill, and literally cost me zero up front! It was literally a no-brainer. The rest is, as they say, history, and I literally thank my lucky stars (well, and the sun!) pretty regularly that I went solar and have not been affected by the steep incline in electric rates over the past 4-5 years.

Check back here often as I plan to chat weekly about a solar or home-energy related topic. If you have any subject you’d like to hear more about specifically, send us a message and I’ll try and feature that for you.

Take time to soak up some sun!