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Solar Panel Systems: The Right Choice for Your Connecticut Home and the Environment

Solar systems are quickly becoming the gold standard to power homes in Connecticut. This increased interest in solar-powered energy has been fuelled by the rising costs of electricity as well as the new government incentive programs, making solar system installation more affordable.

Connecticut homeowners paid approximately $139.97 monthly for electricity expenses in 2017. Unfortunately, energy costs are considerably more expensive in Connecticut than in other areas of New England. With electricity bills expected to remain status quo or substantially rise, wise Connecticut homeowners are seeking alternative means to fuel their energy needs.

Recently, government officials within the state drafted and approved several incentives to encourage residents to consider a change to solar energy systems. Thankfully, solar panels are no longer only the domain of the wealthy. The new Connecticut incentives allow any homeowner to make the switch to solar panels for as little as $0 in upfront expenses.

At EcoSmart Home Services, we make it our mission to help you secure the best incentives to ensure a seamless change to solar panels.

How Does Solar Energy Work?

Solar panels allow you to create the energy used to power your home. Because the system consists of only the installed panels, solar energy is generated silently.

The latest solar systems are modern in appearance with little esthetic detraction from your home’s exterior.

The technical name for solar panels is photovoltaic panels or PV. These panels collect sunlight on their surface and transform the light into DC electrical currents.

Since most household appliances rely on AC power to operate, the DC power converted by the solar panels passes through an inverter to change it to the correct energy source for home use.

Is Moving to Solar Power Right for Me?

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