Is Solar Right for Me?

Is my home a good candidate for solar?

Our experts will consider several factors to accurately determine your home’s solar power potential, including:

  • Roof area — Usable roof space determines the maximum size of a system you can install. A small but simple roof may have more usable roof space than a larger one that is “interrupted” by dormers or gables.
  • Roof orientation — Solar is ideal for south-, east-, and west- facing roofs and flat roofs. South-facing roofs get maximum sun exposure; flat roofs allow us to erect south-facing panels. East- and west-facing roofs allow you to capture the sun’s power for about half of the day.
  • Roof shading — Shade cast by trees, nearby homes or buildings, or other structures will reduce your system’s performance. Sometimes this issue can be resolved by trimming trees or installing a ground-mounted system in a sunnier portion of your property.

How will you determine the number of panels we need?

First, we’ll conduct a home energy audit and make essential improvements that reduce your electricity use. This allows us to save you even more money by designing a solar system with the fewest number of solar panels to meet your needs. We’ll also ask whether you have plans to add a pool, hot tub, addition, or plug-in vehicles!

Will I still need to be connected to the grid?

Yes. The solar power system will become your primary source of electricity, supplemented by utility-supplied electricity to meet your needs at night, on stormy and very cloudy days, on high-demand days, and similar.

What if my power goes out? Do my solar panels still generate electricity?

It may seem counterintuitive, but solar power systems automatically shut off when there is a blackout or significant power surge. By automatically shutting off, utility technicians can make grid repairs without fear of being harmed by electricity flowing into the grid from solar power systems. If you commonly loose power for more than a couple of hours, we recommend that you use an auto-on-and-off natural gas or propane generator. We also install home batteries, which can be a great solution.

Do solar panels require maintenance?

Solar panels are usually maintenance free. They are durable, have no moving parts, and they are naturally cleaned by rain and snow. You may need to remove debris, especially if the slope of your roof is shallow.

Do I have to clean them when it snows?

The answer is almost always “no.” Snow melts off solar panels long before it melts off the rest of your roof. If you ever need to manually remove slow, use a foam snow rake to avoid harming your panels.

How will I know whether my system is working properly?

We will help you download an app to monitor your system’s production from your PC, laptop, smartphone, iPad, and other devices. We’ll monitor its production, too, and contact you if something seems wrong.

May I speak with one your clients?

Of course! Whether you’d like to learn about owning a rooftop solar array or what it’s like to work with us, we’re happy to put you in touch with one of our clients after we meet.