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Installing a solar power system is easy. We conduct a free evaluation of your roof to assess its solar power potential and create a proposal that includes your projected return on investment (ROI). When you decide to go solar, we know that installing solar at your home is an honor: we will treat your property and roof with the utmost care.
Go solar in 7 easy steps:

  1. We learn about your current and expected electricity costs.
  2. We evaluate your home’s solar power potential.
  3. We chart your solar options. You make the choice.
  4. We handle the permitting paperwork and file for rebates.
  5. We install your solar power system.
  6. The system is inspected and a net meter is installed.
  7. You start saving!
When you go solar with EcoSmart Home Services, you get:
A solar partner
Answers to all your questions
Options, not a hard sell
High-quality components that repay you with more electricity
Contact us and let our experienced staff design and install the right solar system for you!


We’re here to help you reduce your electricity bill and protect the environment, so we make it easy for you with:
Free Consultation - Our experienced consultants will evaluate your home’s solar power potential and your current and expected electricity use. That includes your plans to add a pool or hot tub!
Free Design - Our designers will determine the optimal system for your home, your needs, the panels you want installed, and any placement preferences. You'll receive the right number of panels and the perfect positioning to maximize electricity production.
Permitting - Creating energy at home starts with paperwork. We'll handle the permitting paperwork for you. Now that's something to be thankful for!
Installation & Connections - Once permitting is approved, we'll schedule your installation, do the job right, and connect your new system to your junction box and to the grid.
Roof Repair & Replacement - Not every roof is ready for solar, so our roofing professionals are ready to repair, replace, and strengthen yours as part of the project. Learn more.
Contact us today for your free, no-obligation solar power evaluation!

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Our experts will consider several factors to determine your home’s solar power potential, including:
Roof area - Usable roof space determines the maximum size of a system you can install. A small but simple roof may have more usable roof space than a larger one that is "interrupted" by dormers or gables.
Roof orientation - Solar is ideal for south-, east-, and west- facing roofs and flat roofs. South-facing roofs get maximum sun exposure; flat roofs allow us to install south-facing panels. East- and west-facing roofs allow you to capture the sun's power for about half of the day.
Roof shading - Shade cast by trees, nearby homes or buildings, or other structures will reduce your system's performance. Sometimes this issue can be resolved by trimming trees or installing a ground-mounted system in a sunnier portion of your property.
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Fun fact: The world’s first rooftop solar array was installed on a New York City rooftop in 1894.