Go Greener for Our Kids

May 1, 2021Solar0 comments

Connecticut Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Source

If you’re in your 50s like me, it’s hard to believe how many kids have asthma nowadays. Despite all we have done in Connecticut to clean our air over the past few decades, we still pour so many carbon particulates into the air that we have sickened tens of thousands of our wonderful children.

As we celebrate the 51st annual Earth Day on April 22nd, it’s important to remember that we can all reduce our fossil fuel use to protect our kids and grandkids ― and ensure they enjoy a habitable Earth. Here are four easy ways:

Get a home energy audit. Most homeowners in Connecticut waste thousands of dollars every year because their homes aren’t energy efficient. It doesn’t have to be that way. Our technicians can come to your home to identify energy wasters big and small. As part of the review, they’ll make on-the-spot improvements such as installing LED lightbulbs, sealing ductwork, and adding weather stripping to doors and windows. They’ll also determine whether or not you’ll save money by enhancing the insulation, installing new Energy Star appliances, or improving the heating, cooling, and/or hot water systems.

If you have a sunny roof, go solar. Buying a rooftop solar system and having it installed saves most of our clients tens of thousands of dollars compared to buying utility electricity or leasing solar. Nearly 40% of all greenhouse gas emissions in Connecticut come from residences and the electric power sector. Solar systems can slash this amount because they do not emit any greenhouse gases producing electricity. P.S. Today’s systems are warrantied for 25 years and will last longer than that.

Buy an electric or hybrid electric vehicle. Who would like to drive their vehicle for pennies not dollars? And produce zero carbon pollution driving it? Almost every major car company offers electric and hybrid cars and SUVs, and a wave of pickups is coming. If your vehicle is getting long in the tooth or your lease is expiring, check out the EVs available from your favorite manufacturers.

Consider adding home batteries. Solar-fed batteries are already helping to power millions of homes around the world regardless. They’ll help power your home at night, on cloudy days, and, of course, during power outages. Though they aren’t quite cost effective yet, this certainly helps: Eversource is paying homeowners to access some of their stored electricity when there’s high demand due to heat waves and cold snaps. It’s a lot less costly for Eversource than firing up backup power plants.

If you want to make your home more energy efficient and learn how much you can save by going solar, please contact us today.