Winter is the Time to Slash Your Home Energy Bills

Jan 1, 2021Energy, Solar0 comments

Energy Efficient Homes in CT
We all do things without even thinking, like automatically paying our monthly energy bills. We may even complain about them, but we keep paying whatever amount appears on our electricity, oil, gas, and propane bills. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Energize CT is currently offering free home energy assessments to find out where your home is wasting energy. Because we are one of their authorized contractors, our skilled technicians are available to come to your home with a checklist in hand and get to work finding out where energy ― and your money ― is being wasted.

Our technicians are trained to identify energy wasters big and small. As part of the review, they’ll make on-the-spot improvements such as installing LED lightbulbs, sealing ductwork, and adding weather stripping to doors and windows.

They’ll also determine whether or not your home has:

  • Effective insulation
  • Efficient heating and/or cooling
  • Efficient water heating
  • Energy Star appliances

The good news is that rebates and incentives can help you address big-ticket improvements so that they quickly pay for themselves. For example, many people are currently having their home’s insulation improved for $0 or close to it. That’s not a typo. For a limited time, a home insulation rebate is covering up to 100% of the cost of most of the insulation projects recommended during the assessment process. For a complete list of rebates and incentives, visit

Connecticut is also seeing many homeowners have rooftop solar systems installed now. People buying their system outright or with financing are taking advantage of the newly-extended 26% federal tax credit, state incentives, $0 down financing, and the benefits of net metering. These programs translate into solar systems that pay for themselves in 7- 8 years, depending on system size and home energy use. The best part is that we offer solar panels warrantied for 25 years, so you can enjoy many years of free electricity production!

The bottom line is that if you take action now, you’ll keep more of your money while helping protect the environment by using fewer fossil fuels. That’s good news for you and all of us.

Contact us today to schedule your home energy audit.