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Cheshire, a small urban center once referred to as New Cheshire Parish, is nestled within Connecticut’s New Haven County. A charming town that enjoys approximately 198 days of sun annually, Cheshire residents are giving greater consideration to a switch to solar energy with each passing year. 

Since many Cheshire homeowners are saddled with costly monthly utility bills, many of this quaint town’s residents are on the hunt for ways to enjoy greater energy independence and increased cost savings. The solution is both simple and affordable: solar systems! 

With a population of 29,179 residents, Cheshire is a small community that is divided up into approximately 11,009 individual housing units. The average monthly utility bill for Cheshire homeowners rings in at approximately $170 per month, a significantly higher amount than the current national average. 

Since recent statistics forecast that utility bills are set to continue their upward trend, it’s not surprising that many Cheshire homeowners are on the lookout for a more economically viable energy source. 

Today, Cheshire homeowners are eligible for many different government initiatives with an interest in an eco-friendly, cost-effective, renewable energy system. With the rebates currently available to homeowners committed to making the move to a solar energy source, the upfront expenses for the installation of solar panels is now quite small.

Installing Solar in Cheshire

Renewable Energy Resources Resulting in Real Time Cost Savings in Cheshire

With utility bills at an all-time high and on a rising trajectory in Cheshire, it’s not difficult to see why homeowners are seeking a shift from traditional power sources to something more efficient and cost effective. The change to solar systems is the solution to hefty and barely affordable utility bills. This simple switch brings substantial benefits to Cheshire residents including energy independence and greatly lowered energy expenses each month. 

Connecticut offers generous incentives to Cheshire homeowners willing to make the change to solar systems, making the installation of solar panels easy and affordable. 

Are you tired of paying exorbitant utility bills every month? Let EcoSmart take you into the future with a comprehensive solar system for your Cheshire home. 

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A Connecticut-based business, EcoSmart Home Services is your cost-efficient, renewable, solar energy expert team. A company with a reputation for excellence, EcoSmart makes it our priority to help you find the most efficient, cost-effective, and renewable energy system to benefit you and your home. With EcoSmart on the job for you, you can enjoy greater energy independence and significant monthly cost savings while contributing positively to the environment through fewer carbon emissions.

What Benefits Can I Enjoy with Solar Systems?

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