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A small metropolitan center in Hartford County, Connecticut, Glastonbury is an old settlement that was first established in 1693. Nestled along the shore of the Connecticut River, Glastonbury is only a short seven-mile drive from the booming metropolis of Hartford itself. A town that enjoys sunny skies for an average 190 days out of each year, it is not difficult to see why Glastonbury residents have an interest in making the switch to solar systems for a renewable and cost-effective energy source.

With a healthy population of 34,427 people, Glastonbury is considered to be a small suburban town. Home to approximately 13,950 housing units, this popular urban center has many households facing the same problem: exorbitantly high utility bills each month. With recent reports indicating traditional electricity costs to continue their upward climb, Glastonbury residents are now saddled with the burden of tightening their belts or sourcing a more affordable energy source.

With many government initiatives available to Glastonbury residents with an interest in a renewable energy system, installing solar panels has never been more reasonably priced. There are many rebates applicable to Glastonbury homeowners, allowing for installation of a solar system with only a minimal upfront financial commitment.

Installing Solar in Glastonbury

Switch to Solar for Savings and Self-Sufficiency in Glastonbury

With Glastonbury homeowners paying approximately $178 per month for their utility bills, it’s not difficult to see why this town’s residents are eager to reduce their dependence on traditional power sources. Glastonbury homeowners pay 12% more in electricity costs than residents in other areas of the country. 

Solar systems are the solution Glastonbury residents need to combat overpriced utility bills. Glastonbury homeowners can realize significant benefits with a simple switch to solar energy sources including reduced or eliminated dependence on traditional energy systems and monthly cost savings. 

Connecticut’s incentives for a change to solar systems are there for Glastonbury residents to claim. With these rebates offering substantial discounts, installing solar panels is now highly affordable for Glastonbury residents. 

Is it time to consider a more cost-efficient energy source for your home? Solar systems offer you the chance to enjoy the independence and financial freedom you’ve always dreamed of.  Contact the EcoSmart team now at 888-773-5866 to find out how solar panels can greatly reduce energy costs for your Glastonbury home. 

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