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Found in the center of the popular Middlesex County, Middletown enjoys a particularly scenic location along the banks of the Connecticut River. Just 16 miles outside of metropolitan Hartford, life in Middletown offers its residents the quaint charm associated with rural living with the close attractions of the big city.

Middletown benefits from a climate that provides its residents with approximately 190 days of sunshine annually. With sunny skies in the forecast more than half the year, every year, it’s easy to see why Middletown homeowners are giving greater consideration to solar energy solutions than ever before.

The population of Middletown is 46,406 people with the city boasting of a total of 19,876 individual households within the city limits. Sadly, Middletown homeowners pay some of the highest monthly utility bills in the country with $203 per month being the average cost. With the expense of traditional power costs predicted to continue on a steep incline, many Middletown homeowners have made it their mission to find an alternative energy source that is efficient, eco-friendly, renewable, and affordable. Solar energy meets all of this criteria.

Installing Solar in Middletown

Experience the Benefits Solar Offers Your Middletown Home and the Environment

With Middletown residents’ monthly utility bills becoming increasingly unaffordable, solar energy is gaining more and more attention. Offering significant cost savings and greater energy independence, the switch to solar systems is highly attractive to Middletown homeowners tired of paying exorbitant power expenses every month. 

Today, the Connecticut government is proudly promoting their cost-reducing incentives for Middletown homeowners considering a switch to solar systems. These rebates make the move to solar panels financially viable. Simple to install, Middletown residents can enjoy the addition of solar panels to their home for only a small upfront investment. 

Considering making the switch to solar? Solar panels can be installed quickly and with a minimum of disruption to your household. 

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EcoSmart Home Services, a Connecticut-based business, is your solar energy expert team providing service to our valued customers throughout the state. Specializing in cost-efficient, renewable energy systems, the professionals at EcoSmart can assist you with achieving energy independence and significant monthly cost savings through our customized and comprehensive solar solutions.

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