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A small town located in the heart of Hartford County, Connecticut, Rocky Hill was once the home of the famed Wangunk people. In 1650, the region was established as a part of neighboring Wethersfield by European settlers. Today, Rocky Hill is a charming suburban center that offers its residents a wonderful standard of living and a rich spirit of community. 

Rocky Hill’s climate is among its biggest draws, offering its residents approximately 205 days of sun each year and only 117 of rain. A town that enjoys sunny skies for greater than half of every year, Rocky Hill homeowners have turned their attention towards harnessing its power as an alternative energy source for their houses. 

With a population base of 20,145 people to its credit, Rocky Hill’s residents are divided into housing units that number 9,217 at present. Though this family friendly town has many positive qualities to commend it, there is one downside to life in Rocky Hill: exorbitantly high utility bills. 

Rocky Hill homeowners pay approximately $190 each month in utility expenses, an amount that is 23% higher than the national average.  With experts agreeing that energy costs are expected to continue a rapid incline in the months and years to come, it’s not difficult to see why Rocky Hill homeowners have set their sights on a switch to a power source that is efficient, renewable, and cost-effective.

Installing Solar in Rocky Hill

Step into the Future with Solar for Your Rocky Hill Home

Solar energy is becoming a popular choice with Rocky Hill homeowners on the hunt for a more affordable energy solution. Solar solutions provide many benefits for Rocky Hill owners including reduced energy dependence on traditional power resources and dramatic monthly cost savings. 

The state of Connecticut now offers excellent cost-saving incentives to assist Rocky Hill homeowners with making their dream of solar systems a reality. With many rebates available for those making the change to solar, the installation of solar panels has never been simpler or more affordable. 

Are you ready to make the change to solar? EcoSmart makes adding solar panels to your home as easy as can be. 

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EcoSmart Home Services is a Connecticut-based company with more than 37 years of experience helping our clients realize the benefits of a change to solar systems. Our solar solutions are renewable, affordable, eco-friendly, and efficient, allowing you to realize significant monthly cost savings while lowering your carbon footprint. Let EcoSmart help you achieve energy independence today.

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