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Southington is an urban center that offers easy access to some of the largest cities on the East Coast including Hartford, New York City, Boston, and Providence. A city that encompasses the smaller regions of Plantsville, Marion, and Milldale within its limits, Southington has been given the affectionate handle “The Apple Valley’ for its large array of orchards and its annual Southington Apple Harvest Festival.

A metropolitan area that welcomes new residents and visitors with open arms, Southington has a favorable climate that includes 191 days of sunshine each year, just shy of the national average of 205. With such a large percentage of Southington’s year seeing sunny skies, it’s no wonder that a switch to solar energy is becoming of great interest to homeowners on the hunt for a cost-effective, renewable power option.

Southington is home to approximately 43,807 residents and 17,162 independent households. One of the biggest concerns to Southington residents today is the rising cost of utility bills, an expense that is becoming too cost prohibitive for them to continue to bear. More than ever, Southington homeowners are displaying a willingness to make the move to solar energy.

With many incentives available for Southington homeowners interested in making the move from traditional power to solar systems, the change to solar panels has never been more affordable.

Installing Solar in Southington

Savings that Benefit Your Pocketbook and the Environment

Though Southington homeowners pay less per month for their utility bills than other cities in Connecticut, they still shell out a whopping $168 per month. This amount is 8% more expensive than the national average. With energy costs forecasted to continue on the upswing over the subsequent months and years, it is understandable why Southington residents are starting their search for a less expensive energy source.

Solar systems provide you with many benefits including significant monthly cost savings and a reduced or even eliminated dependence on traditional power sources. Though some Southington homeowners express concern at the potential expenses involved with solar panel installation, the government incentives available for solar energy consumers ensures the upfront costs are minimal.

Thinking it’s time to make the move to solar? Installation can be done quickly and with a minimum of inconvenience to your daily routine. Call the EcoSmart expert team now at 888-773-5866 to learn more about adding solar panels to your Southington home.

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