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West Hartford is one of the most densely populated cities in Connecticut. With approximately 190 days of sunshine seen in this lovely urban center each year, solar systems are increasing in popularity in the region as an alternative energy source. West Hartford has an average of 120 days of precipitation annually. With an eye to decreasing their utility bills and obtaining greater energy independence, more and more West Hartford homeowners are considering the switch to solar.

West Hartford has a population base of 63,023 people. With approximately 25,406 dwellings in West Hartford, there are many households still spending exorbitant amounts of money for traditional electricity each month. Sadly, recent reports indicate that these already costly utility bills are forecasted to continue their upward trend in the months and years to come, making maintaining a home in West Hartford unaffordable for some.

Thankfully, there are many government initiatives available to West Hartford homeowners willing to implement a more efficient, inexpensive, and renewable energy system. With many rebates available for homeowners making the switch to solar systems, the installation of solar panels has become much more affordable, requiring only a small upfront financial investment.


Installing Solar in West Hartford

Saving the Environment While Saving You Money in West Hartford

Statistics show that West Hartford homeowners pay a high price for traditional power sources each month, with the average utility bill costing $192. A city that pays one of the highest energy costs in the state, it is not hard to see why many West Hartford homeowners are earnestly seeking a more financially sustainable energy solution. 

The move to solar systems is the answer to West Hartford’s overpriced utility bills. By making the switch to solar energy sources, West Hartford residents can enjoy the benefits that come from energy independence and substantial cost savings each month. 

By taking advantage of Connecticut’s incentives for homeowners making a move to solar systems, the installation of solar panels is both simple and inexpensive. 

Looking for a more cost-efficient energy source for your home? Consider the way of the future by adding solar systems to your West Hartford residence. Contact the EcoSmart team now at 888-773-5866 to find out how solar panels can greatly reduce energy costs for your West Hartford home.


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EcoSmart Home Services makes its home in Connecticut. This well-respected company applies its focus to energy-efficient solar systems to help Connecticut residents make use of eco-friendly, inexpensive, and renewable energy sources. We help you to lessen your dependence on traditional energy systems to yield fewer carbon emissions and greater cost savings.

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