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Located in the heart of Hartford County, Avon enjoys its reputation as one of the best cities in which to live in the state. A suburban center with many attractions to commend it, Avon’s climate offers its residents approximately 190 days of sunny skies each year, a number which is only slightly below the national average of 205. With only 108 days of some form of precipitation in the city’s yearly forecast, solar energy is on the rise in Avon as homeowners begin to search for an energy source that is efficient, inexpensive, and renewable.

Avon’s population measures 18,302 people living in approximately 7,616 housing facilities throughout the city. In recent years, there has been a sharp increase in the cost of monthly utility bills. With the cost of traditional power sources becoming financially untenable, many Avon homeowners are considering a shift to solar energy.

With many cost-reducing incentives available for Avon homeowners interested in a change to solar energy systems, the transition to solar panels has become a financially sustainable option requiring minimal upfront investment.

Installing Solar in Avon

Cost Savings that Benefit Avon Homes and the Environment

Avon residents pay a premium price for their utilities each month, with $182 being the average cost they pay each bill. With such a high expense for traditional power sources each month, it’s easy to see why many of the city’s residents are considering alternative energy options. 

Avon homeowners pay 17% more money for their monthly utilities than residents of other cities in the United States. With monthly utility bills currently at an all-time high and expected to continue to increase in the days ahead, it’s no wonder that Avon homeowners are seeking more efficient and inexpensive means to power their homes. 

Realize substantial cost savings today by making a move to solar systems. This simple change can reduce and even eliminate your reliance on traditional electricity, buying you back your independence. With the incentives now available for Avon homeowners wishing to move to solar systems, the up-front cost for the installation of solar panels has never been more affordable.  

Trying to decide if now is the time to make the change to solar? Installation of your new solar system is as easy as 123. Contact the EcoSmart team now at 888-773-5866 to find out how solar panels can greatly reduce energy costs for your Avon home.

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Why EcoSmart?

A Connecticut-based company, EcoSmart Home Services, specializes in a holistic suite of solar systems to help our clients realize more cost-efficient energy sources. With an end goal of assisting you with becoming less dependent on traditional electricity, we provide you with eco-friendly energy alternatives to support the environment through fewer carbon emissions. It is our goal to help you enjoy energy independence and lowered costs for your monthly energy needs.

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