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Make the Change to Solar in Farmington with EcoSmart

Farmington, Connecticut, a small urban center sometimes referred to as the “mother of towns,” shares its land space with nine other municipalities. With between 190 and 205 days of sunshine each year in Farmington, solar energy is becoming a more attractive option for homeowners looking for an inexpensive, renewable power source.

A community with approximately 10,800 homes within its city limits, Farmington is home to a population of 25,340 people. With utility bills at an all-time high, many Farmington homeowners are displaying interest in a move to solar energy.

Today, there are many incentives for Farmington homeowners making the switch to solar systems, making it possible to transition to solar panels for a minimal upfront investment.

Installing Solar in Farmington

Saving Money and the Environment One Farmington Home at a Time
With Farmington residents paying an average of $186 per month on utility bills, it’s not difficult to see why many homeowners are on the hunt for a more efficient and inexpensive energy source. Energy costs in Farmington are currently 20% more expensive than the national average, with expenses expected to rise steeply in the months and years to come.

Solar systems allow you to realize dramatic cost savings by reducing or eliminating your dependence on traditional electricity sources. Though there are some costs associated with the installation of solar panels, there are many incentives available to Farmington homeowners to keep the upfront investment to an absolute minimum.

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Why EcoSmart?

EcoSmart Home Services is a Connecticut-based business that offers comprehensive solar systems to help reduce your dependence on traditional electricity. With a focus on eco-friendly energy solutions, we are well prized to help you implement a renewable energy source to help reduce carbon emissions, create energy independence, and eliminate costly utility bills for good.

Is Moving to Solar Power Right for Me?

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