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Wethersfield, Connecticut, a small urban center nestled within Hartford County, is found directly adjacent to both the charming town of Rocky Hill and the scenic Connecticut River. A town that sees approximately 190 days of sunshine annually, solar energy has gained immense appeal in Wethersfield with homeowners now on the lookout for an energy source that is both inexpensive and renewable. 

The community of Wethersfield has a population of 26,082 people and is home to approximately 20,929 housing units. Though this quaint town offers its residents many benefits, it comes with one significant drawback: excessively high energy bills. Tired of paying overinflated utility costs each month, Wethersfield homeowners are increasingly interested in making the switch to solar energy solutions. 

Today, the state of Connecticut has instituted many incentives for Wethersfield homeowners, making the move to solar systems easy and affordable. With many rebates now available for Wethersfield residents willing to switch to a renewable energy source, the installation of solar panels can now be done for only a minimal upfront cost. 


Installing Solar in Wethersfield

Enjoy Energy Efficiency and Independence with Solar

With Wethersfield homeowners paying some of the most expensive utility costs in the state, it’s not surprising that residents are beginning their search for a more affordable energy system. The average Wethersfield resident pays $195 per month in utility bills, an amount that is 19% higher than what is seen in other areas of the country. Sadly, these costs are not stable. Though already excessively high, experts agree that these amounts are set on an upward trajectory that will continue to rise in the months and years ahead.

Solar systems offer Wethersfield residents the opportunity to gain energy independence and significant cost savings. Available for only a minimal upfront financial commitment, solar panels can be added to any Wethersfield home simply, efficiently, and affordably.

Wondering if solar is the next step for you? With many incentives available for Wethersfield homeowners intent on the move to solar, installation is both simple and affordable.

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EcoSmart Home Services applies their focus to helping Connecticut homeowners enjoy the many benefits associated with a change to solar energy systems. Solar solutions are eco-friendly, allowing you to fuel your home with a renewable energy source that reduces carbon emissions, provides energy independence, and puts money back in your pocket through the elimination of expensive monthly utility bills.

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