71 Solar Panels Installed in Oakdale CT

May 5, 2023Solar Panel Projects0 comments

EcoSmart, a leading solar panel installation company, recently completed a remarkable residential solar panel installation project in Oakdale, CT. The installation of 71 solar panels presented a few challenges for the installation team. One of the primary challenges was trenching from the home to install the necessary wiring and infrastructure for the solar panels. This process involved carefully navigating the home’s hardscape and landscape, which required skilled labor and meticulous planning to avoid any damage to the property.

Despite these challenges, EcoSmart’s installation team overcame the obstacles to deliver an exceptional installation. The installation comprises a 71-panel solar array using high-performance Hanwha QCell Duo Black ML-G10 400W panels, which have been paired with Enphase IQ8A Microinverters. This innovative combination ensures optimal power conversion and improved energy yield for the homeowner.

The panels were mounted on Ironridge XR100 rails, which provide robust and secure support for the solar array, and attached to the roof with Quickmount flashing. This installation approach ensures that the solar panels remain firmly attached to the roof and can withstand harsh weather conditions in order to provide optimal performance.

Overall, EcoSmart’s recent solar panel installation is a testament to the company’s expertise and commitment to delivering the best solar solutions to its customers in and around Connecticut. With this installation, the homeowner can enjoy substantial energy savings, reduce their carbon footprint, and contribute to a sustainable future.